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Medical Interview and Preliminary Procedures

Before being interviewed by a nurse or ophthalmic technician you will be asked to complete a form outlining your medical and ocular history. You will be questioned regarding your visual symptoms and the treatments, medical or surgical, you have received. We are also interested in your general health, including any operations or medical treatments both past and present. Answers to the following two questions will be particularly important. Does your family have a history of eye or general medical disorders? Do you have any allergies, especially to medications?

Please bring your glasses and/or contact lenses with you so that your vision can be measured with them in place. After receiving anesthetic drops, the pressure within your eyes will be measured. This is a painless test for glaucoma. A second set of drops will be given to dilate (widen) your pupils. Dilation is necessary for a complete examination of the inside of your eyes. Your pupils will require up to 30 minutes to dilate.

Since your pupils may remain dilated for a full day after your visit, we recommend that you bring sunglasses to reduce your sensitivity to light. Your ability to read will be temporarily decreased. Although distance vision is usually undisturbed, it is advised to have someone else drive you home.